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I’m very fortunate to have a lot of people who have my back, both in my life and on the internet.  As a tiny sign of gratitude (because a link alone can’t suffice for how awesome these people are), I’ve created a “Friends and their Blogs” list in my sidebar.  These are people who inspire me with their passions, motivate me with their own creative pursuits, and impress me on a regular basis.

So, I thought that I would “introduce” you to a few of these people and encourage you to add their sites to your Google Reader, bookmarks, or whatever.  (NOTE: If I’ve forgotten you or if you end up starting a blog, let me know and I’ll add you to the list).

Proceeding alphabetically (by site name):

Paul is a colleague of mine and very generously gave me technology advice on numerous occasions, including one morning in 2007 at 6:30 AM.  He writes an informative and passionate blog about educational issues titled Blogush (a play on his last name).  Right now, he’s up for a “Best Education Blog” award at the 2008 Weblogs Awards and would be deserving of your vote.

Rob is a colleague, collaborator, and friend.  He’s an informational technology teacher with a wide range of interests and insights (including literature, photography, and collaboration.  His blog is titled Burgundy Productions and he’s also building a site called Multimedia Storm, which aims to be a compendium of how-to videos and other guides for technology and web development skills.

I’ve become friends with Brendan through many seasons of fantasy sports.  You can read what he has to think about technology, music, and other assorted topics at his blog Do What You Love (at least until he builds his own personal domain – anyone with insight into that process should leave a comment on his blog).  Brendan also recently wrote a book as part of the National Novel Writing Month challenge and had a review of the TweetDeck application published in a Mac Software blog.

Jenny possesses one of the most creative souls of anyone I’ve ever met.  She’s frequently snapping breathtaking photos with her phone, jotting down things in her moleskine notebook, and looking for different craft projects to work on.  Most significantly, however, Jenny makes awesome beaded jewelry that you can gaze at on her webpage J.Mack Gems.  Stay tuned to her site for the grand opening of her Etsy shop where you’ll be able to buy some of these works of art for yourself.  Also, she is a social media maven, as displayed (along with other links of interest) on her new Tumblr site, not to mention that she knit me a killer hat for Christmas.

My good friend Mike and I have been blogging together on and off through several different sites.  A year ago we started a blog titled Make Me Fries, and after far too much slacking on my part, I’m bequeathing the blog to him on a full time basis.  This is for the best though, as my sporadic posts (and I might have one from time to time) only interrupted his well-researched and thoroughly amusing posts about music, politics, and sports.  For an example of his unique insight: Mike recently wrote a post comparing significant 2008 albums to specific seasons of professional athletes.  Only on Make Me Fries will you find Lil Wayne compared to Carl Everett (or, similarly, Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis compared to Chris Weber).

As long as I’ve know him, Dave has oozed a passion for pop culture.  So needless to say, I was thrilled when I discovered that he started his own blog NineDaves, where he posts on a wide range of topics.  For instance, NineDaves keeps an eye on all of the closings on broadway, recaps the weekly episodes of Gossip Girl, and keeps an eye on all types of Brooklyn/NYC happenings.  Read any one of his hundreds of posts, all written in his distinctive lowercase style, and you’ll understand why his blog gets mentioned all over the internet.

And the most recent entry (not to mention one of the most anticipated) comes from my friend Dan.  Few can match his biting wit, charming sense of humor, and encyclopedic knowledge of sports, mid-90s hip hop, and awesomeness in general.  His blog this is the city line (another blog named after a Pavement lyric!) has already taken off, with its third post being featured on Yahoo’s basketball blog Ball Don’t Lie.  Expect more of the same in the future as well.

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  1. Paul Bogush says:

    …and I am not just saying this because you mentioned me…but, this post is a really great idea. I have been watching how many people leave my blog through my blogroll recently and there are quite a few. I think everyone should do some spring cleaning and a post like this every once in awhile.


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