Some Songs Considered: My 2009 Project

While driving back to CT on New Year’s Day, I had an idea.  I’ve been kicking around the thoughts of hosting a podcast but far too many concerns (“where would I host it?”, “would people actually listen?”,  etc) prevented me from doing it.  Then, I had this crazy idea.

What if I wrote about a different song every day?

I’ve done this in the past in a variety of places.  I always tell people that one of my favorite parts of making a mix for someone is writing the track-by-track “notes” that accompany it (and often stretch to 4 or 5 pages).  I always want to find different ways to make myself write too.  So out of this idea comes Some Songs Considered (NPR pun intentional, sorry folks).

As it stands now, it’s a place where I will write about a new song every day.  What I write will largely change based on the day and the song – on days that I’m “too busy to write”,  I’ll do what I do when I write mix notes – I’ll put the song on and write until the song ends, then go back and clean it up a little bit.  Other days, when I’m feeling more inspired I might write more.  It won’t always be track reviews either.  Sometimes, I’ll tell a story that the song reminds me of or maybe even write something a bit more creative.

Right now, there’s a lot that I haven’t figured out about Some Songs Considered, but that’s ok.  I have all of 2009 to figure it out!  As of right now, these are my goals for the site:

1.  Write every day.

This seems obvious, but a lot of advice (and advice I give my students) is that good writers write frequently.  By setting this goal of writing “something” every day, I hope that I can sharpen my own skills as a writer.  By using the songs as a jumping off point, I’ll hopefully have something to write about each day.

2.  Share songs with other people

I love sharing music with others, and this gives me an opportunity to explain how these songs affect me.  I’m not sure I’ll always write about songs that I love, but they will (probably) always be songs that inspire some sort of emotional response or philosophical thought or something.  I’m also going to try to have some sort of AV content too – whether it’s an embedded stream or a YouTube video or something.  That way, we’ll have some common ground to discuss (and, perhaps naively, I hope that discussions spring up occasionally – please come and comment on the songs!)

3. Learn about my own taste in music.

One of the things I want to do with these entries is attach a whole bunch of tags to them based on genre, era, style, label, etc.  That way, I can look back and see what songs I liked during a given period as well as the types of things I write about more often and less often than others.  The plan right now is to write “recap” posts in this blog – whether it’s every other week or once a month – looking at some of the “trends” I’ve seen in my own writing.  This is a strange form of self-reflection, but I’m curious to see what I learn about myself as a music fan over the next year.

So go check out the Some Songs Considered blog and chime in on the songs.  I’ve already written the first two entries and I’m already thinking about where I’m going next.

One Response to Some Songs Considered: My 2009 Project

  1. tom king says:

    I thourt the 1 a clock 2 a clock song was very gould and exiting and it was very jazzy


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